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The Official Stand Up Tour 2015 is here!  Join us and this great group of musicians as we circle the country and rock our message of acceptance and community spirit! We invite everyone to take the pledge and show us how you STAND UP!

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Restless Road

Talented. Charming. Unstoppable. America first became acquainted with the Country music trio Restless Road while watching Season 3 of The X Factor USA and these are just some of the words that immediately came to their minds.… [ Read More ]

The House on Cliff

The House On Cliff is a high-energy rock band from Boston Massachusetts with a passion to bring rock and roll back to the masses. Chad Michael Jervis (Lead Vocals), Charles Coleman (Guitar/Vocals), Marc Polit (Drums), and William Santana (Bass/ Vocals) met while studying at Berklee College of Music … [ Read More ]

The Weekend Riot

Fate works in mysterious ways, and this statement couldn’t be any truer for The Weekend Riot. Coming together with a common mindset of a “go for broke” attitude, nothing was going to stop the Philly duo from succeeding. But, as fate would have it, The Weekend Riot got their opportunity much sooner than they expected. … [ Read More ]

Phunk Phenomenon

Composed of New England’s finest male and female dance and promotional talent, the Phunk Phenomenon combines these unique multi-ethnic, multicultural urban artists to create an intriguing blend of modern and traditional dance styles. The end result is a provocative dance performance with a unique synthesis of style and appearance. And, Phunk Phenomenon’s signature is its cross-cultural fusion of traditional, contemporary “street” dance formats with highlights of modern dance, ballet, tap and various music forms … [ Read More ]

Conundrum Nine

Conundrum Nine is a four-piece rock band from Boston, MA, aged 14 to 18. They write all their own music, which is hard rock ‘n’ roll with prog, funk, metal, boogie, blues and jazz influences. They have played live at the Middle East Upstairs in Cambridge, the South Shore Music Hall in Quincy, MA, the Hard Rock Café and the House of Blues in Boston, and elsewhere……[ Read More ]

Alex Preston

Alex Preston is a 22 year old singer songwriter from New Hampshire who has been involved in music since he was four years old. He plays over twelve instruments ranging from the guitar to the violin and writes all of his own lyrics from inspirations around him.
What sets him apart from other artists is his total sense of self, drawing the audience in and making them feel what he is projecting. Keith Urban put it best saying, “What I love about your performances, they always hold my attention. It’s very raw and it’s fragile. It’s very real. You don’t ever phone it in, you’re always in the moment…man I love your artistry.”…..[ Read More ]

Christian O’Connor

Christian O’Connor is a Philadelphia-based solo rock artist. Christian has recently been playing at numerous of races within the NASCAR circuit…[Read More]

Devon Image

Christian O’Connor

Christian O’Connor is a Philadelphia-based solo rock artist. Christian has recently been playing at numerous of races within the NASCAR circuit…[Read More]

Jalen Rance

Jalen Rance is a singer/songwriter from Massachusetts. Jalen is working on his music. Jalen is affiliated with a few organizations that are anti-drugs (Bikers Against Drugs), anti-bullying (The Brand UR) and Tunes for Tots..[Read More]

Amanda McCarthy

Amanda McCarthy is an award winning, multi-genre singer/songwriter from the Souther NH/Boston area. She released her long awaited debut EP last summer, The Good, The Bad & The Awkward, and is gearing up to release her newest EP this upcoming fall. She is currently touring New England and beyond and has toured internationally a few years back…….[ Read More ]

Official Stand Up Tour Dates

No shows booked at the moment.

Tristan Blaine

Clay Borrell

Lauren Carnahan

Jessie Chris

 Coda Sky

Louis Cordova

Dave Days


Faliure Meets Fame

Future Sunsets

Jennel Garcia

Anthony Gargulia

Kevin Hamel

Hollywood Ending

 Icarus Account


Ali Isabella

Katleyn Jae

Sebastian Janoski

Jillian Jensen

Aishlinn Kivlighn

 Little Time Off

 Izzy Malik

Aliyah Moulden

My Only Escape

Danielle Prou

 Robbie Rosen

Run 2 Cover

 Drew Ryniewicz

Six Stories Told

 Unique Status