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“The Official Stand Up Tour was born when a group of musicians realized a need…to spread the message of acceptance, and ask fans to join them creating a stronger community through positive action. The goal of the tour is to first welcome everyone and build a community of like-minded people who want to enjoy great music together, and just generally do some good in the world. We ask everyone to take the pledge to STAND UP, come to our shows and rock out with us and then share your story.”
STEP ONE – take the pledge (here)
STEP TWO – rock out with us (here)
STEP THREE – take action  – whether you are making postive self changes to Stand Up for what you believe or informing the masses. Any positive step is a step in the right direction.
STEP FOUR – share your story (here)
STEP FIVE – repeat steps two  – four and get your friends to join us


The following lyrics from Danielle Prou’s song, “Stand Up,” say it all:

“Stand Up”

Will you wait till there’s no more time? Will you see when they call you blind? Like they know what’s inside of you. Don’t wait up for the moment to pass you by. They say that it’s the truth but you know their lies. Just look into the mirror feed on the passion. That’s in your eyes. Will you stand up? Just stand up. For what you feel you know is right. Won’t you stand up? Just stand up. Don’t deny the power you feel inside. Will you stand? Can you stand up? In the end you’ll show em what you can do. Will you fight till your strength is gone? Will you break when all hope is gone? Or will you show them that their wrong?