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Clay Borrell

Clay Borrell is a 19 year old singer/songwriter and entertainer from Minneapolis, Minnesota. At the age of 12, Clay started filming short comedy skits, school projects and soon keeping up with this hobby by doing cover songs of a current favorite song by Jason Mraz or whatever caught his attention. At the age of 16, Clay’s long time friend and video cohort Alex Ernst (Vine, Digifest) introduced Clay to his current manager on a partnered video project. Soon following, Clay flew out to LA and began to record his very first song and debut single, “Hello L.A.”. Since it’s release, Clay has played concerts across the country and been on multiple promotional tours spreading the word. He has also attended and performed at VidCon, Playlist Live recently. In the midst of promoting and performances Clay has finished his much anticipated debut EP which will be released in 2015! With the accompanying release, Clay’s goal is to share his music and passion for living life to the fullest with as many people as possible. See you in 2015 and on friends, expect Clay in a city near you soon!

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