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Drew Ryniewicz

Internationally recognized pop recording artist Drew Ryniewicz, 18, was a top 6 finalist and fan favorite in the 2011 debut Season of The X-Factor. She was a part of the girls group under judge Simon Cowell. This small town Chino Valley, AZ resident with an angelic voice began singing at a young age. She entered local singing competitions and tested her skills in school talent shows, often place first.

Drew, who was 14 at the time, too, the world stage in 2011 with her stunning Seattle audition for the first season of The X-Factor. Her soulful rendition of Justin Beiber’s “Baby,” along with her eccentric and bubbly character, won the admiration and affection of fans everywhere, including infamous show judge Simon Cowell.

She progress to The X-Factor’s Top 6 before being eliminated by the judges, even though she overwhelmingly won the country’s vote to continue to the finals.

Soon after The X-Factor, Drew released her five-track debut EP “Hello It’s Me.” The EP was recorded live in Los Angeles and featured two original songs, a cover of Justin Beiber’s “Baby” and two Christmas songs. The EP quickly rose to the iTunes charts in one day, reaching #8 on the Pop Albums chart, without a label, backing or promotion.

Drew recently completed her much anticipated second EP, from which she released her first single “Ugly” in August 2015. Her EP is set for release in January 2016. She has been performing all over the country sharing her new songs. In January 2015, she was invited to join the Allstar Nation Tour and has performed nearly 100 concerts with them, reaching over 120,000 new fans.

With followers across the globe begin Drew for her new music, she knows it’s time. Her immense fanbase and been with her since day one, and they’re ready to unleash the star and take her to the top.

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