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Jillian Jensen

Jill-Jensen.FB-Photo-for-jill-thumbnail531d39e9ace9c-150x150Jillian Jensen is a 21-year old singer/songwriter from Rochester, Massachusetts. Singing since the age of two and writing/composing original music since the age of eight, Jillian has since released two albums of all original songs and has written/composed well over 100 songs of many different genres.

Aside from being an exceptional singer/songwriter, Jillian is a talented multi- instrumentalist as well. She currently plays the guitar, piano,saxophone, violin, drums, bass and Ukulele. Jillian’s passion for Music pushes her to expand her knowledge of instruments and experimenting with different sounds to incorporate in her songs.

Jillian was featured on the hit show “X-Factor” in September 2012 with her intensely emotional rendition of singer Jessie J’s “Who You Are”, in which her performance awarded her a standing applause and countless tears from both audience and judges, with judge L.A. Reid stating he has “never, ever heard anybody take their experiences, take their pain and take their emotions and pour it into a song like you did, EVER! That’s what this business is all about! You got it!”

Normally emotionless Simon Cowell was left teary-eyed and commented “I thought that was incredible. It was sung with so much pain, and for to have gone through whatever you’ve gone through, this is not a time for you to be crying, it’s a time for you to stay strong, because you’re incredible…”In January/February 2014, Jillian appeared on season 14 of “American Idol,” and was sent-home after reaching the Women’s top 15. Jillian has been on a nationwide anti-bullying campaign since her release from the show. She continues to donate her time to charitable causes and promote her campaign “Stop Hate, Start Love.”


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“Success will be your greatest revenge.” – Jillian Jensen