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Little Time Off

Little Time Off is a 4-piece Pop/Punk band from Minneapolis, MN which includes vocalist/guitar player Chris Mlazgar, guitar/vocalist Zay Cram & bassist Logan Rieger. The combination of poetic & clever wordplay, married with vocally driven, fizzy pop melodies create an exciting crowd involved shows. Little Time Off has quite journey ahead of them and do not plan on stopping anytime soon.

Little Time Off, which came from the song “Six Feet Under The Stars” by the popular band “All Time Low”, was started back in 2007 by Zay Cram. Since then, the band has grown up to be a national touring band who’s toured & played with artists such as All Time Low, The Summer Set, The Downtown Fiction, Hit The Lights, R5, Set It Off, Paradise Fears, Hollywood Ending, 7 Minutes in Heaven, The Big Time, Late¬† Nite Reading, The Millenium & more.

The bands current 5 song EP “Make It or Break It” has some fun elements attached to it which include the EP being produced by Pat Brown of Sing It Loud & some guest vocals by Cody Carson of Set It Off and Brady Trudeau of the former band Take Cover.

Currently the band is preparing to release a brand new 6 song EP in August.
The band has panned out into a serious career driven dream. Mixing together a group of 3 hard working passionate dudes, Little Time Off hopes to guarantee to satisfy your eyes, ears and keep you humming their tunes all day.

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