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My Only Escape

My Only Escape (MOE) is one of those unique bands formed by three members who all have mega credentials. Consisting of frontman and singer Branden Mendoza, guitarist Spencer Fort and drummer Daniel Rascoe, My Only Escape has built an impressive national following through touring and catchy music.

In 2013, MOE released their first single “Falling For You,” which received worldwide radio spins and ignited their fanbase. Shortly thereafter, Branden made an appearance on Season 6 of NBC’s The Voice, where he debuted his powerful voice to millions around the world. This was followed by the release of “Sunrise,” a single which also got international radio play and has a hook and chorus that will be stuck in your head for days.

Prior to founding MOE, Branden built a successful solo career under his personal name, but he always had the drive to form a killer band and all of his fans shared his vision. He and Daniel, who is a well recognized and exceptional drummer who has tracked on international chart toppers and a Billboard 100 single, met several times at festivals and began discussing the idea of joining forces. It wasn’t long before the two sought their destined guitarist, Spencer. Individually, the three members have shared the stage with huge names such as Panic! at the Disco, MKTO, Gym Class Heroes, Johnny Craig, Lifehouse, Boys Like Girls, Thriving Ivory and many more. They bring years of incredible talent, fans and vision into one project.

In 2014, Branden represented My Only Escape and joined the Allstar Nation Tour (ANT), which was founded by MOE’s manager and has quickly become the nation’s foremost concert-based anti-bullying tour. He has since appeared on TV stations around the country where he has shared his powerful story about his own bullying experiences, all-the-while performing mind-blowing concerts for over 100,000 students. MOE’s fanbase has exploded since joining the tour and has built a loyal core of followers who relate to both the music and the message.

In addition to ANT, My Only Escape can be found performing at festivals or large events around the country. Their music has evolved greatly and new singles and an album are on the way. As a three piece, the band has amazing command of the stage and a unique respect for each other’s talent, which they always display through unforgettable performances.

They never disappoint and always deliver wherever they’re asked to play. They are a band worth booking and most certainly a band worth following!

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