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Restless Road

Talented. Charming. Unstoppable. America first became acquainted with the Country music trio Restless Road while watching Season 3 of The X Factor USA and these are just some of the words that immediately came to their minds. The breakout act didn’t just leave a lasting impression on audiences, but also mesmerized the show’s judges including Simon Cowell and Kelly Rowland. “X Factor” of course refers to that undefinable and innate “something” that a star simply embodies. And fans and tastemakers recognize that Restless Road has got it times three.

Zach Beeken (19), Garrett Nichols (18) and Jared Keim (21) each bring their own “All- American” experience to a transformed Restless Road. Evident in their self-taught musical skills, these three guys do share one important thing in common above all else: determination. Zach’s very first job was pollinating corn on a farm in Iowa where he discovered his love for Country music and taught himself how to sing. Garrett on the other hand, grew up in Alabama and was involved in everything from school musicals to baseball. One day at age 12 though, he picked up an acoustic guitar and never looked back. Also at a young age, Jared’s community watched in awe as he performed on stage at his local church in Missouri; he found his calling before he could tie his own shoes. Into his teens, Jared trained himself on the guitar, piano and drums. “Getting together to write or record is great because we all grew up with the same hard- working attitude and approach our music in the same way together,” says Zach. It’s this dedication and positive outlook that’s responsible for so much of the group’s success.

One of Restless Road’s biggest accomplishments to date is landing at #1 on the iTunes Country Chart. With a Country spin, the group covered one of the most popular songs of 2013, Avicii’s “Wake Me Up”, and quickly realized that they had a growing and passionate fan base to satisfy. One of these fans was legendary music manager Johnny Wright. Wright has helped launch Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC and Jonas Brothers (to name a few), so he thoroughly understands what it takes for a group of guys to be successful and began working with Restless Road in 2014. With Wright’s ear for talent and Restless Road’s capability, this Country “man band” (as they refer to themselves) is ready to show the world what they can do. Jared sums it up well by explaining, “We’re three guys who have something to prove. We love what we’re doing, we’re real and we’re going to carve out a place in music history for ourselves.”