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The Weekend Riot

Fate works in mysterious ways, and this statement couldn’t be any truer for The Weekend Riot. Coming together with a common mindset of a “go for broke” attitude, nothing was going to stop the Philly duo from succeeding. But, as fate would have it, The Weekend Riot got their opportunity much sooner than they expected.

Producer Ace Enders immediately recognized their potential. The magic that he was searching for was right in front of him, and he immediately seized the opportunity. The Weekend Riot, consisting of Johnny Costa and Bruce Wiegner, wrote their first track with Enders in half a day. The chemistry was instantly apparent and it’s been a perfect pairing ever since.

Beyond the charisma, energy, and carefully crafted haircuts, these friends are extremely accomplished musicians that plan to break the mold of a conventional pop act. Costa and Wiegner have a unique vocal ability which shines through in their polished harmonies and go far beyond the average transparent radio group. The mutual passion for music and success that they share shines brightly, as they are not simply performers but best friends working together to carve their place in history. The lyrics, feelings, and emotions are all organic elements that make The Weekend Riot stand out in a crowded room of faceless musicians. Their words and music are theirs alone and nothing will hold them back from reaching the top.

After developing a devoted online fanbase Bruce & Johnny began to hit the road hard, touring with the likes of SayWeCanFly, IM5, and more while also locally supporting acts such as MKTO, Emblem3, Christina Grimmie, The Girl and The Dreamcatcher, and many others. In March 2015, The Weekend Riot released their debut record, the “Remember This Night” EP. 2016 holds even bigger plans for The Weekend Riot, with new music and more touring on the horizon.

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