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Tristan Blaine

At just 15, Tristan Blaine has quickly amassed an impressive music career highlighted by a fast- growing international fan base of nearly 100,000 “Blaniacs” worldwide.

The popular artist, dancer, actor, musician, and model from Frisco, Texas is scheduled to perform at several locations on the Allstar Nation Anti-Bullying Tour. He began performing professionally in front of large crowds in 2011. In just a few years, he has grown an international fan base, recorded original music, and headlined concert events in several states and cities across the country.

Blaine, who has the sound and dance moves of Justin Timberlake, also has a fast-growing social network of nearly 50,000 Twitter followers and 21,000 Instagram followers. His YouTube channel of cover and original videos currently has more than 150,000 views.

His music is heard around the world in the United States, U.K., Australia, Germany and several other countries. Blaine is currently charting #2 on ReverbNation’s pop category, a well-known music portal for millions of industry professionals, artists, producers, and more.

Blaine has recorded three EPs and will release new singles later this year. His debut hit single Crank Me Up and his first EP Up, Up & Away were released in Oct. 2013. In January 2014, Blaine released another EP titled Feels Like Fate followed by a third EP titled Forever More in February featuring several Crank Me Up remixes. His music can be found on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, iHeartRadio, and several other electronic music hosting sites.

Blaine, who is a wrist watch enthusiast and World War II history buff, has served as a featured artist or headliner at several recent big concert events. He headlined a national anti-bullying tour covering eight cities over 16 weeks and is currently traveling the country on the Allstar Nation Tour. He has performed with the OMG Music Fest in Chicago, Dream Big Tour, Teen Hoot and many others.




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“Growing up in school, I was shoved, hit, called names and bullied relentlessly. I know what it’s like and am proud to speak out against bullying. Everywhere I go I hear sad stories from fans and victims about their experiences. Remember who you are, that no one can bring you down, and that bullies are jealous of you!” – Tristan Blaine