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Unique Status

UNIQUE STATUS was formed with one intention, to keep its members on “the right side of the hustle.”  All 3 members, hailing from Fall River, MA have spent years watching many talented and gifted people make major moves in both positive and negative directions. Learning from their elders and peers, their goal is to have their music be heard while making a positive impact on the lives of everyone around them.
Tae, Jay and Ky are multi-dimensional entertainers.  Not only do they choreograph all their explosive sets but are also heavily involved in the production of their music under the guidance of their producer Oph Kiltah, founder of the production team, the DeskBangahz.
The passion for their craft, and willingness to collaborate with other artists have led them to sharing the stage with many amazing artists over the last few years.  Not only do they put on a captivating performance but they also have the loudest, craziest fanbase in the form of #UniqueNation always in tow screaming and singing along to their songs. This high energy urban pop crew has transformed into local celebrities through their hard work, discipline and dedication to both their natural gifts and being open to learn new skills from mentors from all walks of life.
Unique Status has been through a few transformations and the most recent addition, Jay is the piece that completes the puzzle.  A dancer with a killer set of pipes.  She has a knack for knowing just what to do to get the crowd roaring.  Tae, who at the beginning was the only member that could actually sing, took on the role of group mentor and helped to keep the group on task while also reaching out to others in the community as a big brother whenever needed.  As a guitarist and writer, Tae used his gifts to get accepted into the Berklee College of Music, auditioning with his original song Magic, a favorite of the fans.  Last but certainly not least group member Ky started in this business years ago as a member of the Hip-Hop International 2009 world championship team Lil Phunk Boys of Phunk Phenomenon.  His innate dancing ability and signature mohawk garnered much attention and led him to roles in two movies, Adam Sandler’s Grown Ups, and Chris Stokes’ Battlefield America.
Currently the group is also counted among the members of award winning crew BigPhunk of Phunk Phenomenon where they continue their dance training and spread the word for Phunks mission #HipHopforHope.  They receive weekly vocal development from professional coaches Marcelle Gauvin and Steve Rogers and are working on their debut EP on the okWord Music Group imprint entitled, Takeover.  The chemistry between the trio is unlike any other and is undeniable every time the group commands the stage.  Join #UniqueNation.

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